MONDAY, 30th December 2019 – 10 PM


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BIG BANG BERLIN 2018 is a party for HIV positive men hosted by

BiohazardMen – Coffe & Cream
& Stoßzeit (Cologne)

We thank our guests with this common year-end party and like to celebrate in an intimate atmosphere, having fun and uninhibited sex.

This includes:

Chat with friends, dance, flirt and sexfun, just be casually together, without explaining ourselves or our health status.

The party starts December 30th, 2019. Doors open at 10pm at the Connection Club Berlin (Fuggerstr. 33, Berlin-Schoeneberg) .

The party is of course OPEN END.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The party is for like-minded men to get together to cruise, dance, have fun and uninhibited sex. That’s what we want!
To keep the BIG BANG BERLIN Party unmistakable there have to be some rules for playing that every participant has to comply with!
Entry to the party is same time acceptance of our rules.

In other words:
If you don´t agree with these rules, you shouldn’t participate!


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